Scrap Metal Companies Accept All Types of Metals

Facilities that accept metal products for recycling usually accept nearly everything made of metal that you can think of. This includes everything from soft drink cans to copper parts and even old computers and vehicles. In fact, if you have a car or truck that is no longer usable, these companies are perfect because they will purchase it from you and then turn it into useful items that can be sold to someone else.

All Types of Metal Are Accepted

The facilities that buy items such as end of life cars in Hinckley also take items such as:

  • Aluminium and stainless steel
  • Alloy wheels and brass
  • Heavy metal items
  • Factory and farm scrap
  • Both personal and commercial vehicles

They accept so many items that you’ll likely be surprised when you bring something to sell to them. From light metals to large objects, they accept dozens of metals and parts that they can turn into something useful, so the transaction is a win-win situation for everyone.

Don’t Waste Your End-of-Life Car

It’s always confusing to decide what to do with a vehicle you no longer need, but rather than throw the parts in the trash or try and sell the car as it is, you can bring it to one of these facilities instead. This way, you not only make good use of the vehicle, but you can make a little extra money as well. Money in your pocket and the knowledge that your vehicle is going to good use is a great combination and can make your life a lot easier in the end.



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