The Major Components of a Hydraulic Crane

The crane is by no means a new invention, it has been around since the Roman times, albeit in a basic form, and with most cranes today using hydraulics, we thought we would outline the main components of a mobile hydraulic crane to improve your understanding of this ingenious device.

  • The Boom – Easily the most recognisable part of the crane, the book extends out from the centre of the vehicle, providing the lift. Most booms are telescopic, which allows greater lengths that enable extended lifts. The boom might be made up of 4 telescopic sections hollowed into each other, and when fully extended, the boom allows to higher and longer lifts. When looking for Perth crane hire, the size of the boom would depend on the load variables.
  • Rotex Gear – In order to be effective, the boom must be able to move laterally, as well as up and down. A large circular cog driven by the main motor, the rotex gear enables the boom to turn left or right, which is essential for correct lift positioning.
  • Outriggers – Typically there are six outriggers; one on each corner of the truck and two in the centre. When the outriggers are deployed, this lifts the wheels off the ground and that creates a solid anchor from which to make the lift. The outriggers are individually controlled, allowing the operator to create a flat elevation on rough terrain, and you cannot attempt any lift until the outriggers have been correctly deployed.
  • Steel Cables & Pulleys – The specially woven cables take the strain of the lift and they run through a series of pulleys to the hook at the far end. Cables are inspected on a daily basis, looking for signs of fraying, and are replaced as necessary. The cable for a telescopic crane would be very long as it must allow the boom to fully extend, and the central drum contains the cable, which extends or retracts as required.
  • The Hook – This is a heavy piece of equipment, to give the hook some weight, and the hook is connected to the belts used in the lift. Sometimes chains are used, and the hook must be large enough to accommodate 4 separate rings.

If for any reason, you find yourself in need of a crane, simply Google search for a local crane hire company, and regardless of the lift, they would have the ideal crane for the job.

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