Why Part-Worn Tyres Are a Safe Alternative to Brand New

We all know the high costs of motoring these days, what with increasing fuel costs and the tax and insurance that we must all have, and then there’s the vehicle maintenance, which is never cheap. If your tyres are fast reaching the end of their life, rather than splash out on a new set, take a look at part-worn tyres, which most tyre shops would have.

  1. Tyre Repairs – Many damaged tyres are repairable, and if you were unlucky enough to have a nail pierce your tyre, it can be repaired for a small fee. With affordable tyre repair in Brixham, you no longer have to invest in a new tyre, and the repairs are guaranteed, which gives you peace of mind.
  2. Part Worn Tyres – If a vehicle has been involved in a collision and the tyres are perfectly OK, they will be acquired by a tyre supplier, and after a thorough testing, they will be put on sale at a fraction of the cost of new. They are usually sold by the pair, which is much better than fitting a single tyre with a different condition, and all the top makes would be represented. 
  1. Online Solutions – If you would like to find a tyre shop that offers part-worn tyres, search using an online business directory, which will bring up a list of local tyre suppliers. Of course, the supplier would guarantee the tyres for a short period, and the fitter would give you an honest estimation on the mileage you can expect to get from part-worn tyres, which might be as much as a year. 

Prior to forking out for a set of new tyres, enquire about the cost of part-worn tyres and save yourself a lot of money.

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